Ultimate field performance

10.1 inch sunlight readable display
Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC (64-bit)
4 or 8 GB RAM
128 GB Storage

A powerful 10-inch Windows tablet this is a big step up

We’re not adding some fancy function you’ll never use, or an incrementally tiny improvement; we’re delivering advances you’ll notice and appreciate every day. Like up to two times better graphics and measurably faster performance. It is a smaller, lighter, 10-inch Windows tablet that achieves more even while taking up less space. The Algiz 10XR’s Intel Elkhart Lake platform really packs a punch.

The technology to be truly versatile

The possible applications for the Algiz 10XR rugged Windows tablet are nearly endless. We’ve included a dedicated u-blox receiver and chipset, and long-lasting, hot-swappable batteries. Future-proof 5G communication can handle live video streams and bandwidth-heavy tasks like mapping. An amazingly bright screen features glove/rain mode so it’s ready to go when the weather gets harsh. There are three separate USB-C ports, and optional integrated NFC.

Designed for any mobile or vehicle-mounted application

Public transport or waste management, GIS or mining; ambulances or logistics and yard work; a hundred different mobile or vehicle-mounted applications – the Algiz 10XR rugged Windows tablet was designed for modulization and customization. The u-blox functionality offers untethered dead reckoning (UDR) by blending GNSS signals and inertial sensors to provide accurate positioning performance under even weak GNSS conditions.

Significant improvements for rugged mobile computing

Advances in technology are great – especially when they have practical uses for the people using them. The new Algiz 10XR rugged Windows tablet harnesses the power of today’s technology to deliver significant improvements for rugged mobile computing. It breaks new ground in tech, so you can break new ground in your work.

Don’t forget what ultra-rugged means

With Handheld rugged computers like the Algiz 10XR, you can stop asking “Is it OK to…?” Work in extreme heat or in dusty spaces, or go jouncing down a dirt track in a pickup truck. The IP65 rating means it’s “hurricane-proof,” impervious to dust and driving rain, able to withstand drops and vibrations, and far beyond the capability and lifespan of a consumer device – and therefore a more sustainable choice for your work.

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