Field-tough mobility

10 inch sunlight readable display
Android 11 GMS
128 GB Storage

Drop it, shake it or use it in pouring rain

It would be tough to outperform the ruggedness of this IP67-rated tablet. Extreme temperatures? No problem. Accidental drops? Keep going.

Powerful computing without lag

With generous storage and RAM, the Algiz RT10 will never lag behind. You’ll be able to move around quickly on maps, store large files and run robust software.

Customizable, high-quality data capture

Take sharp images of completed work with the built-in camera, read NFC and UHF RFID tags, or comfortably scan barcodes with a pre-programmed button. The Algiz RT10 Android tablet also features expansion capabilities as it was designed with modularity and customization in mind.

Optimize and accessorize for field efficiency

The Algiz RT10 comes with a host of accessories to make your day in the field as efficient as possible. From custom carrying cases and user-replaceable batteries to flexible vehicle docks with antenna pass-through outlets for external GPS and WiFi, the Algiz RT10 offers a complete ecosystem for mobile professionals.

Built-in u-blox NEO M8U chipset

The Algiz RT10 includes a built-in u-blox NEO M8U chipset with a latest-generation GNSS receiver for accurate positioning using GPS, QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou as well as SBAS for precise, continually available position and time information.

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