Mining Solutions

Where consumer devices fail, rugged mobile computers stand up to the most challenging environments miners encounter. We can provide customized solutions for collision avoidance systems, virtual navigation systems, vehicle mounts, hardwire integrations, blasting, borehole surveying, and more.

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Solutions to any challenge

No matter what feature is vital to you, we will come up with a solution.

Mining applications require exceptionally sturdy technology for the challenges faced. Luckily we got reliable and intelligent solutions to all of them.

Collision Avoidance System (CAS)

For a secure work environment

By being equipped with rugged handheld computers, industries can revolutionize their safety practices and create a secure environment for their workforce. The device’s portability allows them to be easily carried by workers on the move, providing instant access to critical collision avoidance data.

And by integrating them with a wide array of sensors, such as proximity detectors and accelerometers, they create a comprehensive safety net, constantly monitoring the surrounding environment for potential risks.

Virtual Navigation System

Utilizing rugged tablets as the hardware platform

Rugged computers can also help control equipment remotely ensuring precise maneuvering and efficient movement within the mine. With real-time data feeds and intuitive interfaces, they help streamline your operations while reducing risks in hazardous areas.

Integrated cameras and sensors can give you live video feeds for monitoring critical areas like ventilation systems and gas levels helping operators to make informed decisions and prioritize personnel well-being.

Vehicle mounts

Keeps the device steady and provides several connectivity options

When developing vehicle mounts we are quite flexible with which features we would like to put in them. They can help turn on a device automatically and perform various tasks with extra I/O ports such as VGA, RS232, Ethernet, USB, and more.

To make sure your device is secure we can also provide key-lockable vehicle mounts and for an easy mounting process, we follow VESA standards.

Hardwire integrations

Rugged computers can be hardwired integrated into a wide range of mining equipment, such as excavators, loaders, haul trucks, and drilling rigs, and more. This ensures a secure and reliable physical connection, capable of withstanding harsh conditions and vibrations. It enables real-time data exchange, monitoring, control, and communication, enhancing operational efficiency, safety, and decision-making in the mining industry.


How rugged computers are instrumental

From blast design and simulation to monitoring, control, and data analysis, rugged computers are instrumental in enhancing efficiency, safety, and compliance. By using this reliable hardware, mining companies can achieve precise and controlled blasting, improve productivity, and ensure the well-being of their workforce.

Borehole surveying

Ensuring accuracy and efficiency

With custom-built software and sensors, our rugged computers can collect and log data, and provide real-time monitoring and analysis making them essential tools for efficient and accurate borehole surveying in mining operations.

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