Rugged Mobile partners with mining technology provider

South African rugged mobile computer distributor, Rugged Mobile, recently delivered a fleet of Handheld Algiz RT8 mobile tablet computers to Ramjack Technology Solutions for implementation of a mobile mining optimization platform to be deployed at Wessels mine in the Northern Cape.

Digitalization in mining

Ramjack creates technology solutions for mine operations using a combination of best-of-breed products and localised, custom services. Ramjack was commissioned to implement a Fleet Management System that uses AI based scheduling algorithms and adaptive technology to increase tons mined per shift, faster and safer.

Rugged hardware for a tough environment

Rugged Mobile, based in Johannesburg who has been the authorized African distribution partner for Swedish manufacturer, Handheld, for over a decade was approached by Ramjack with the following needs for a rugged tablet;

Handheld’s Algiz RT8 tablet was the perfect fit. With it’s MIL-STD-810G rating for military equipment, the Algiz RT8 can withstand repeated drops, extreme temperatures, altitudes, humidity, water and dust exposure. The 8inch screen is chemically strengthened and optically bonded and can be used in bright sunlight and pouring rain.

More than just a supplier

“With every potential customer, we try to understand exactly how the customer is planning to deploy the device, what type of environment, minimum technical specifications required and how the technology works.” – Arlin Visagie, Rugged Mobile’s Head of Business Development.

Over many months, Handheld’s support teams in Europe, Rugged Mobile in South Africa and Ramjack’s technical teams across the globe worked closely to guarantee successful integration of the software and hardware.

Once all parties were satisfied that the device and hardware integration will be successful, Rugged Mobile delivered the order. They didn’t just stop there. Rugged Mobile CEO, Thomas Walters personally conducted training with the Ramjack deployment team, not just device training but also on Handheld’s free Max Go suite of software applications for more efficient deployment of the devices.

Mobile device management

Setting up new devices can be a hassle — especially if you’re deploying more than one. The Handheld MaxGo Android software suite makes it easy to save your settings once, apply them across all your devices, and get to work. With MaxGo Manager, Staging, Kiosk Home and Kiosk Browser, it’s easy to keep your Algiz RT8 tablet secure, focused and incredibly efficient.

“This is definitely a value add for us as we can reduce time and errors when setting up the devices as well as be able to monitor device vitals remotely.” – Shaconi Naidu, Ramjack Account Services Lead.

Pictured from left to right: Hugh Maleka - Execution Excellence Manager Ramjack, Thomas Walters – Rugged Mobile Tefo Kometsi - Project Technician Ramjack, Arlin Visagie – Rugged Mobile, Shaconi Naidu - Account Services Lead Ramjack, Thabo Moremi - Project Technician Ramjack, Diego Romero - Ramjack.

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